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  •  They pick and choose like empowered CONSUMERS. (0+ / 0-)

    And that's the problem right there, "liberal homeschoolers" see themselves as consumers, looking out for number one, instead of citizens, who are rightly concerned with the well-being of the whole.

    Your "person-centered education" idea is a great one, but what happens to those kids whose parents don't have the resources and the leisure to make it happen?

    •  I think you have to think of this as a paradox (1+ / 0-)
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      I found this to be true, a progressive approach to home education made me more engaged with my community, my school, our public workers, our teachers.  When you do something yourself you are no longer a consumer.  You understand what it is like to try to do this job.

       Also as a progressive home educator the community becomes an extension of the school.  For example, we spent time with our public works department, we visited the plant where the coal fired generators were being used, we visited the police department, the fire department, the kids paged at the state house.  Each parent contributed from their field of work as well.

      We also were more diversified in our circle of friends both age, socio economic levels, backgrounds, beliefs.  We weren't consumers, we were community members seeking out every opportunity to learn from both the hands-on practitioner and the academic.  I think of it as active learning.

      One of our favorite projects each year was our author's fair.  Its like a science fair only our exhibits were on favorite authors.  One year our guest was a local Cherokee store owner who's son had won the state literary prize that year for children's lit.  He came and told us some of the tales he had told his son and explained how they tied into his son's books. Another time our family visited his store when we were trying to learn about using flint to craft arrowheads.  The shop owner took the time and demonstrated the technique for us.
      Another visit was made when we were learning about beading in art and the shop owner showed us his techniques for using porcupine quills for decorating moccasins.

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