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View Diary: Report Exposes DeVos Plot To Destroy Public Education (176 comments)

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    NYC Charter schools perform better.

    "A new report issued today by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University found that charter schools in New York City are demonstrating significantly better results for their students in reading and in math than their traditional public school counterparts. These trends were consistent for students overall, as well as for several key groups, including Blacks and Hispanics in both subjects, for students who had not previously
    done well in traditional public schools, for students in poverty in reading, for students enrolled for at least two years or more in reading, and for all students in math regardless of how long they were enrolled."

    They do it with less money.

    Based on the 2008–09 school year, IBO found:
    • Per student general education spending at traditional public schools totaled $16,678.
    • While public support per student at charter schools was less than at traditional public schools, the size of that difference depended on whether the charter school was located in a public school building or in private space.
    • For charter schools located in public school buildings, public support was just $305 less per student than at traditional public schools and totaled $16,373.
    • For charter schools located in private space the shortfall was a more substantial $3,017 per student and public support totaled $13,661.

    Some of them are run  by unions.

    "Founded by the United Federation of Teachers, the UFT Charter School is committed to closing the achievement gap and creating a school “built on democratic principles of respect, tolerance, and liberty so that students will also become practitioners of democracy and civic responsibility.” The school exemplifies the original vision of a charter school model as conceived by Albert Shanker, former UFT and AFT President.

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