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  •  Idealists are people who have an idea, or (0+ / 0-)

    preconceived notion, and then require action to implement it or make it real.  What happens is that, since these idealists have few or no practical talents is that they rely on their powers of persuasion to get practical people to implement them.
    For example, Clinton was persuaded to reduce the deficit and generate a surplus and he did.  Clinton, the practical Democrat, was also persuaded to reform the Pentagon into a more modern military and he did to the point that the invasion of Iraq went great.  It was the idea that the U.S. should stay there, the idea of Bush/Cheney, which they couldn't carry out.
    If we know that idealists' ideas are screwy, practical people shouldn't even try to carry them out.  Because, if we succeed, they take the credit and, if we fail, it's our fault. Democrats have to stop trying to be so accommodating.

    by hannah on Fri Apr 22, 2011 at 03:55:48 AM PDT

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