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  •  AG: Transcending All Else is Being Principled (4.00)
    I guess it all depends on how you define principle.

    Given that the federal budget for science is in terrible shape (DOE, NSF, NASA), how do you like this? from  1999.

    How is this remarkable economic machine to be maintained, and how can we better ensure that its benefits reach the greatest number of people?

    Certainly, we must foster an environment in which continued advances in technology are encouraged and welcomed. If the graduates of 1999 are going to be able to build on the accomplishments of their forebears, many of them must push forward to expand our knowledge in science and engineering, and our universities must ready themselves to meet the technical needs of our students yet to come.

    and you know how the GOP feels about a "liberal education" and academia in general

    Yet, even without indisputable evidence, there has been a remarkable and pervasive assumption that the ability to think abstractly is fostered through exposure to philosophy, literature, music, art, and languages. A liberal education was presumed in years past to produce a greater understanding of all aspects of living an essential ingredient for broadening one's world view. I believe it still does.

    and now he's saying a great society cannot coerce its people? Like coercing a county into going to war by lying about the imminent threat of WMD?

    Civilization, our civilization, rests on that premise. It presupposes the productive interaction of people engaged in the division of labor, driven I cannot resist the jargon by economic comparative advantage. This implies mutual exchange to mutual advantage among free people. Coercive societies and coercive relationships among people rarely enhance the state of what we call civilization.

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