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View Diary: Open Source Research Project: Alan Greenspan (284 comments)

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  •  WTF?! (4.00)
    Let's see:

    How about John Kerry's wife?
    How about Bill Clintons wife?
    What about Valerie Plame?

    I am embarrased for all of you "oooo don't hurt their feelings" whiners. Can you name a single high-profile Democratic spouse who has not been targeted?

    •  Calling people 'whiners' (none)
      because you disagree with their view is childish.

      Republicans have been attacking Democratic First Ladies since Eleanor Roosevelt (not generally less prominent spouses).  So what?  That doesn't mean that Dems will be given a pass if they attack Repub spouses.  Heck, Dems don't even get away with criticizing Repub First Ladies.

      Yeah, Mitchell is a shill.  But you could very well shoot yourselves in the foot by campaigning to get her.  She's a fatmouth; Greenspan is the real troublemaker.

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