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View Diary: Open Source Research Project: Alan Greenspan (284 comments)

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  •  In a word - yes (none)
    I understand what you're saying, however I do think this action against Greenspan is warranted.  He has drawn a line in the sand that clearly favors Bush's flawed economic ideological policies, clearly exhibits a bait and switch from his own actions in '83, and clearly fails to address our real fiscal crisis or how to correctly and efficiently deal with it.

    It counters anything and everything that the Democrats stand for economically, and what's worse - it counters the vast majority of what our citizens and country stand for economically as well.

    Time to call a spade a spade.  He's a partisan hack, period.  End of story.

    •  Totally (none)
      Just gotta watch the emotional writing on front page posts.  Personally I dont think it helps with the credibility of the site, although memekiller makes some compelling arguements to the contrary above.

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