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    I wish you would choose some other object of all this attention.  I understand your intention is not to "smear" Mr. Greenspan but that won't stop those working so diligently on it to make it into a smear.  It will be categorically portrayed by the Right and the MSM as a Witch Hunt, and it will take away from the good work bloggers have done on the Gannon/Guckert project and the Social Security debate.

    I recommend you read Former Treasury Sec. Paul O'Neal's book, by Ron Suskind.  I think you will find Greenspan is not a fan of GWB's policies and that GWB is not a big fan of Greenspan.

    Finally, all this creative energy is going to be placed in an effort that will not further the debate on Social Security, and will only help do discredit liberal bloggers and make it harder for MSM to listen when we are really on to something.

    •  Lot of creative energy to wast (none)
      and its better than the usual pratice of attacking Democrats for not being what we want them to be.

      I woulnt take the reputation of bloggers too seriously. Whats the worse that could happen?

      Lets say someone here comes with a geniune libel on Mr Greenspan, say Greenspan had an affair with Madeline Albright. and it creates enough of a stir on the internet, that msm has to report on it.

      You will get a: a strong rebuttal of the charge, b: yet another denunciation of bloggers for being responsible, c: some articles taking a look at the legacy of greenspan.

      That aint nothing to be afraid of.

      An opposition party need only oppose.

      by litero on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 12:39:01 PM PST

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      •  Fears of witchunt overblown (none)
        You don't win a fight about worrying what your opponent is going to whine about.  The way you stop a bully who starts sniveling about "unfairness" or "meanness" or "obstructionism" is to smack him in the head and give him another fat lip.  Not that politics is wholly sport, but it reminds me of football.  Sometimes you have to let your defensive backs make the illegal hit and take the penalty if to make sure that by the 3d quarter, the other team's receivers are beat up, tired and black and blue.  And as a part of overall strategy, I like the idea of taking away the GOP's STRENGTHs in order to force them to defend themselves at their weakest points.  Greenspan has always been a GOP shill, but he's been perceived, rightly or wrongly, as very effective, even "wise" Fed Chairman and therefore a bit immune to criticism.  He provides effective cover for GOP right wing policy.  An effort to take him out the equation takes away a strong weapon of the GOP.  I'd rather have them put up Delay defending privatization than Greenspan.

        Just because the GOP is shooting itself in the foot over Social Security is no reason why Democrats can't kick them in the knees to make sure they don't get up again.  And maybe punch them in the head on the way down.

        It seems to me what the general public responds to (and what it wants of the Democrats) is conviction and firmness of belief. That and a firm right hook.  

        •  hmm, liberals on 'roids? (none)
          First of all he is an unelected non-partisan appointee who was reappointed by Clinton. Saying bad things about Greenspan isnt going to smack anyone in the head.

          If this was like football, we would have just huddled up and decided to beat up the mascot.

          if you have been paying attention, Alan Greenspan's comments made very little impact on the debate over social security and had absolutely NO affect on public opinion.

          An opposition party need only oppose.

          by litero on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 12:56:03 PM PST

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          •  Beat up the mascot (none)
            I love it
          •  Ah! but that is where you are wrong. (none)
            Americans are apparently very trusting of what Greenspan has to say about Social Security:
          •  Non-partisan my nutsack (none)
            Just because he it's an appointed "non-partisan" position doesn't mean he is neutral on policy matters.  His views are clearly in the conservative GOP camp and he does what he can to effectuate them.  Just because Clinton re-appointed him doesn't mean anything.

            And yes, I have been paying attention - I always find is amusing when someone on a internet BB or the like tells another poster that "they don't understand" or "haven't been paying attention" just because they reached a different conclusion.

            Greenspan has just started with this series of public statements about the Bush plan for SS.  And its been getting a lot of press. Press that always starts with "Fed Chairman Greenspan..." This fight is far from over.

            •  Bring the Head of Alan Greenspan (none)
              well, if you can succeed in discrediting Mr Greenspan,my hats off to you. Then perhaps you can turn your attention to Bush, Rove, Reed, Ailes, Frist, Reverend Moon, and other people with POLITICAL influence

              An opposition party need only oppose.

              by litero on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 01:14:29 PM PST

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              •  Greenspan HAS political influence (none)
                Certainly as much or more than Moon or Reid or even Ailes.  It was Greenspan who provided the "non-partisan" cover as Fed Chairman to the Bush tax cuts, for example.  That IS political influence.
                •  its possible, i dont buy it (none)
                  first of all, all of greenspans arguments for tax cuts are based on spending cuts. second of all, his testimony and speeches to congress are the verbal equivelent of paint drying. I cant believe the average american could pick greenspan out of a line up.

                  and last of all, greenspan cant save bush's ss plan.

                  All this is a good idea to see what kind of opposition research a blog can do. But there is no need to act like Beowulf entering Grendel's lair.

                  An opposition party need only oppose.

                  by litero on Fri Mar 04, 2005 at 01:24:57 PM PST

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            •  He's only GOP to a point... (none)
              He's a libertarian.

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