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View Diary: Open Source Research Project: Alan Greenspan (284 comments)

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  •  seattle's got it (none)
    to paraphrase Gandhi:  i'm not advocating cowardice.  i will advocate violence before cowardice.

    meme:  i'm glad you punched the SOB!  i'm shocked it took you so long!  i've been in enough scraps to know a bully will pick on ya till you fight back.

    & that's what these guys are.  bullies.

    but how you fight back is the issue.  kerry did not lose b/c the other guys in your list were dirty.  

    kerry lost b/c he didn't fight hard enough.  the swift boat was an GOD EASY lob that he could've smashed back down Rove diseased throat!

    & he should have done it but he choked & wavered!  & we didn't do it as a group for the past several years & that's why these guys are in power.

    so yeah, get your gloves off, sharpen your elbows & fight.  but don't look like a crazed mike tyson wannabe that people scorn & laugh at.

    ANYWAY, did we express our opinions on this enough?  i think the real issue is researching greenspan

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