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  •  "conspiracy" - same old, same old way to kill (0+ / 0-)

    the messenger. There's no conspiracy here. It is well documented that the US, UK and EU as well as a number of armed radical Islamic groups and expats have made more than several attempts to kill Gaddafi and topple his regime in the preceding 3-4 decades.

    I don't think these elements actually started the protests, but once started they pushed it - each in their own way for their own ends and in almost exactly the same way as was documented in some of the wikileaks cables from the 80's and 90's.

    Some history for you. (I won't go into the large number of wikileaks documents released recently). John Keeble makes a good case:

    Dr Richard Keeble is director of undergraduate studies at City University'sdepartment of journalism and the author of Secret State, Silent Press(John Libbey) and Ethics for Journalists (Routledge)
    The Media's War
    From: Free Press, October 2001
    Richard Keeble

    This blog reminds me of when I was posting on usenet during the run up to the Iraq War. Almost everyone refused to believe the fact that the Cheney/Bush war machine was misleading and lying to the public.

    I offered links to prove it but was showered with denigration and accusations of "conspiracy". They said I was a Saddam apologist and sympathizer. The drums of war were pounding. America drank the cool-aide and the rest is history.

    The 40 to 50 interventions by the US in the past are also verifiable history. Libya fits in perfectly - same shit, different pile.

    BTW, I think Gaddafi is a brutal dictator just like the rest of the bastards in the MENA region - some much worse. Unfortunately for him, he was not America's bastard.

    True economic democracy will never be won by dropping bombs. There is a very good chance the uprising and subsequent response from the western powers will not end well for the good people of Libya. The only solution is dialogue however difficult that may be. But I've seen very little effort put towards that end, either from the NATO powers or the Americanized Libyan National Council, to make changes.

    If you know anything about Waco, you will realize you don't back a dangerous animal into a corner with a room full of innocents.

    •  Oh i love the conspiracy (0+ / 0-)
      'refused to believe the fact that the Cheney/Bush war machine was misleading and lying to the public."

      And the Clintons, Gores and Kerrys and Germany and Egypt and Russia and the Saudis and England were all in on the lies too. Right.

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