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View Diary: My disgust meter is now officially busted. (Updated) (261 comments)

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  •  Whatta surprise. Not. Anyone getting mad yet? (16+ / 0-)

    Something that’s finally jelled with me (as a Vietnam vet) is the “Kleenex” or maybe TOILET PAPER treatment the Wrongs give to so many of us (and all you progressive people, it is past time referring to that clump of monsters as “the Right—“ they are so obviously WRONG, disease-spreading human pathogens).

    What do older Americans, and “our troops we support,” and now the first responders, and nurses and medical aides, and children and other “weak persons” from any group other than the Kleptocracy, have in common?

    We get used, as in USED, by the Kleptocrats, to build the wealth they are stealing, to go fight their “resource” wars, to pull their asses out of flaming car wrecks and buildings, to clean them when they shit themselves lying in a hospital bed or some high-end nursing home or in one of their mansions.

    And then we get flushed, like so much used toilet paper. As illustrated by the mean-spirited, greed- and cruelty-driven bullshit outlined in this diary.

    And now the Kleptocrats are all busy trying to steal the SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY THAT WE HAVE ALREADY PAID INTO THE “TRUST FUND” THAT THEY HAVE USED TO FUND THEIR ENORMOUS THEFT OF MOST OF THE WEALTH OF THIS COUNTRY, and to turn the dogs of corporate greed loose on the only fairly-functioning health care delivery system we have (Medicare), and they are even eying ways to rip off VA health care and other veterans’ benefits of all kinds, too.

    And most of us are so stupid, or stupefied, to do more than applaud or just stare, because, as we are told by the freakin’ Kleptocratic thieves, “We can’t afford this.” While corporate profits and cash reserves and banksta bonuses and CEO pay and the extra-nationalizing of our wealth and our lives are, as the WSJ and Forbes crows, “soaring.” And Barack Obama is "going to get to the bottom" of who is manipulating gasoline prices. And I put the tooth that just rotted out of my head under the pillow last night, and the tooth fairy DIDN'T COME.

    So let us sit here and be pragmatically reasonable, and look for middle positions, and justify the "wisdom" behind the list in question, and don’t say bad words about people who are killing us and our children, and continue to be suckered along by the “wiser and cooler heads” who as far as I can tell are critterswho are somehow well taken care of by the current structure, and so we play the saps in that joke about the CEO and the cookies:

    A CEO, a Tea Party activist, and a public employee were seated around a table. On the table, there was a plate with one dozen freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. The CEO picked up eleven of the cookies, leaving one on the plate. The CEO turned to the Tea Bagger and said “Be careful, that public employee going to want a piece of your cookie."

    And remember, it was US, not the CEO or the banksta or the Wrong politicos or Grover Fucking Norquist, and certainly not Wrong-Way Ryan, who baked the cookies.

    Anybody else ever going to get seriously mad, and organized, enough to do something more than pound the keyboard?

    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Fri Apr 22, 2011 at 09:20:49 AM PDT

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