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    This is an important part of what I've been thinking recently in my decision to come out and to use what voice I have:

    How are we ever going to gain equal rights if none of us are out?

    It is a matter of survival for many of us.

    The other consideration that was even closer to home for me was to help out trans brothers and sisters who are suffering because they don't realize they are trans.

    I often wonder how much sooner I would have been able to stop trying to be a woman (which damn near killed me) if I had had that critical experience sooner: I heard a transman talking about himself and I got goosebumps and started feeling dizzy. After so many years of feeling "wrong" and desperately trying to figure out what it was that made me hate myself and my life - I have never in my life felt so relieved.

    I wonder how many of us never get the chance to become our true selves because they take their lives before they have a chance to recognize that they are trans.  

    LEGALIZE TRANS* !!!! (yes, I know I was yelling. I think it's necessary!)

    by bluesheep on Sat Apr 23, 2011 at 02:33:50 AM PDT

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