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  •  Gender seems to be more fluid (1+ / 0-)
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    Charles CurtisStanley

    than fixed in stone for some people. I know a bunch of genderqueer folks for whom gender is a pretty fluid concept, and I have no problem with that either. But most of the transfoik I know know what gender they are; they were just born into the wrong bodies accidentally.

    Then there are people like Henry and others whom I know. Henry feels and presents more like a man than a woman but is a lot more genderqueer than trans. He (who is sometimes, rarely, she) is in that grey area. Whereas my friends R. and L. are both transmen; one's completed his transition and the other one's in the process. They are firmly on the male end of the spectrum. Christine, my ex, is firmly on the female end of the spectrum, as is Andrea. As am I, for that matter.

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