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View Diary: "Gay demon" exorcist runs for city council, as a Democrat (86 comments)

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    When you confront these people in public, call them out on the stuff that "social conventions" say "should" be "left unsaid."

    Like this (the language I'm using here is deliberate):

    "Lady, I'm a red-blooded American (man/woman), and I've never had a problem with gay demons, but maybe you can help me with some heterosexual demons.  For example almost every song I hear on the radio is infested with them.  Advertisements on TV are infested with them.  It gets to the point where I'll find myself walking down the street and for no good reason just start humming the jingle from some darn TV ad that was just oozing with sex!  I mean, really oozing!

    "I'd say you're barking up the wrong tree, or barking at the wrong moon.   You need to go on a jihad, or a crusade, same thing, against the people who are polluting our culture with heterosexual demons!"  

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