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View Diary: Recent DOE Break-Through with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, should make them Affordable (275 comments)

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  •  jamess, question about water (3+ / 0-)
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    jamess, Eric Nelson, Matt Z

    Hi, thanks for your diary. Do you know if any old water is suitable for use in these systems and what kind of water demands would be placed by wide-scale adoption of this technology?

    •  My attempt at an answer (4+ / 0-)
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      jamess, Eric Nelson, Matt Z, Odysseus

      Impurities in the water will cause problems with the equipment. At the very least, the impurities will build up on the anode and cathode, requiring them to be cleaned off occasionally. This would not be a serious problem; it would merely raise the price of hydrogen slightly. More difficult would be corrosive materials in the water that would damage the anode or cathode. For these reasons, we would want to use pure water in the systems, but the degree of purity required should not be prohibitive; demineralized water might be good enough.

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