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View Diary: Recent DOE Break-Through with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, should make them Affordable (275 comments)

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  •  Uh.... this isn't "stepping up to the plate" (1+ / 0-)
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    About 10 years ago, I thought hydrogen would be a great idea.  Unless we discover a new source of free hydrogen.  We might as well invent a super engine that runs on gold for all this is worth.

    Yes, we can create hydrogen with renewables.  No, it is not an efficient or cost effective process.  No, it will never be enough to enable the continuation of America's car culture.

    Besides, pressurized hydrogen is very difficult to store.  It leaks -- a lot.  And when it leaks, it quickly rises through the atmosphere, where it becomes a highly effective ozone destroyer.  

    Fuel cells also tend to be short lived (about 30k miles in a car).   I'd be curious to know if this new cheap fuel cell has a longer lifespan.

    Sometimes the doomers are the only folks who aren't wearing the rose colored glasses, eh?

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