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  •  Let's not forget (3+ / 0-)
    Politically unlikely? It was a political impossibility. Is that even still up for debate? Nelson, Nelson, Landrieu, Lincoln, Lieberman, Bayh, Begich, Baucus, Byrd, Carper, Conrad, Pryor, Tester, Warner were all NOs on the P.O. Shit even Feinstein and McCaskill were weak as could be on the public option.. these people were not for a public option.

    That the "public option" that the House finally presented was neither public, nor an option.

    It was not public because as the CBO reported only 6 million people could avail themselves of it. 6 million people in a country of 300 million.

    It was not an option because you could not use the public option if you got your health insurance through your employer.

    What's lost in the signal to noise ratio over the debate of whether Barack Obama is progressive enough, is whether he has a progressive enough Congress to get stuff done.

    They had majorities in both Houses and wanted to the abdicate their authority to write robust legislation and wait on the President and constituents to give them safe polling before they would present a robust public option and they collectively never did.

    Consider all the red meat rhetoric that filled the blogosphere from Rep. Weiner and Rep. Grayson and Rep. Kucinich and look at the actual record of what they did with their majorities when it was time to put up or shut up.

    A public option that was neither a public nor an option.

    Then there is the utter unseriousness about closing Guantanamo Bay and climate change or comprehensive immigration reform or their failure to seriously deal with DADT or the Bush tax cuts before the midterms or the fact that they held their first hearing about a deepwater drilling cleanup plan after the worst spill on American soil.

    This site can continue to be impressed about what Russ Feingold and other famous progressives say and I'll watch what they do and remain largely unimpressed.

    There are three branches of government granted authority in the constitution. This I know. Despite the relentless re-writing of the constitution that goes on here that insists that there is one: Barack Obama.

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