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  •  An overhwelming crowd of hundreds... (8+ / 0-)


    They showed video of the protests on NHK tonight (over and over again). The protest struck me as political theater, and the protesters were well prepared with their visuals, which included freshly harvested spinach that cannot be sold, milk cans, and a cow (the story you cite mentions two, but they only showed one on tv). The symbolism was clear: they cannot sell their agricultural products because of the radiation from the Fukushima plant.

    The background to the story is that TEPCO has started to pay preliminary damages to the farmers (after the government strongly urged them to start doing so a few days ago).

    Compare this act of theater that was broadcast on tv tonight to the anti-nuclear protest involving thousands of people that you talked about yesterday and that didn't get any media coverage at all.

    Ah, the corporate media, you just have to love the rascals.

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