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  •  Kyodo News spins for TEPCO & Kan (my daily rant) (2+ / 0-)
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    oldhippie, mamamedusa

    Textbook case of "happy talk" from a press release or press conference being served up here.  Let's put the bullshit detector on medium cool, here and see what we can come up with.  

    Kyodo reports the following:

    The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant said Thursday that the injection of more water is helping to cool the No. 1 reactor core faster and there appears to be no major leakage so far from the No. 4 unit's spent fuel storage pool.

    Let's start at the top...  Most "crippled" children can lead what I'd call normal lives.   Tiny Tim was "crippled," and he wished Scrooge a Merry Christmas.  Crippled kids can eat and sleep and communicate.  This nuclear power plant is not "crippled."  It is a flesh-eating zombie that can fly, swim and burrow through the ground and is hungry for your life form wants to kill your planet.  It might be a crippled zombie, but it is not a crippled power plant anymore.  

    But wait, first they said "operator of," didn't they?  How does one operate a flesh eating Zombie?  Did TEPCO "operate" the plant for the first four days, or did they stand impotently by while their CEO was AWOL, nothing was done  since none of the controls worked and the lid blew off of four reactor buildings?    I call bullshit on that word too.  "Operate" implies there are surgeons at work, or puppet masters pulling levers that function.  A cement truck called a Putzmiester is "operating" on grandmother's gall bladder right now and we can't even get a decent picture of what her stomach looks like, much less her insides.  Oh, and most of the instruments to measure her blood pressure and heart rate are not working, either.  So, operate away, TEPCO.  

    Okay, okay, let's get to the good news already.  "Injections" of "more water" are "helping to cool" the No. 1 reactor.  Again, with the physician metaphors.  Apply the goggles from "They Live" and let's read that one again.  Tons and tons of water are flooding the broken primary containment of a obsolete reactor that was built when disco was cool.  It blew up and the roof fell on it.  Then for nine days they pumped sea water on it, fouling everything and potentially encasing the burnt fuel in a salt block on the bottom of the reactor where it is harder to cool.  The fuel has melted down "partially," which is like saying your kid sister is "partially" pregnant by the local loser who moonlights as a serial killer.  The secondary containment is being flooded because the supposedly over-engineered primary containment has leaks.  We don't really know if the secondary containment can hold a full load of water, but it is going to get one.  If an earthquake hits, the water might help break the building apart more.  But hey, the temperature went down.  None of the 'more water' that is going in is coming out through the systems built to clean it, store it or reuse it.  Instead it is either floating away as radioactive steam or else leaking toxic waste water into basements, trenches and leaky pipes that are a stone's throw from the Pacific ocean.  This, the smallest reactor on site and the least damaged of three that were online when the earthquake hit is, alone and by itself a disaster worse than Three Mile Island, the second most well known incident on record.  But yes, it is cooler.  Let's move on to part two.  

    "...and there appears to be no major leakage so far from the No. 4 unit's spent fuel storage pool."  This reminds me of the start of Rocky 2, where a reporter asks the titular pug if he thought the beating he withstood from Apollo Creed might have given him brain damage.  Rocky replies, "I didn't see any."  

    This is a pool that formerly held 1331 long rods of some of the most dangerous stuff on this planet that suffered an explosion,  boiled dry, caught fire twice and is sitting in a wrecked building that may not hold together much longer, above a basement that is five meters deep in toxic water,  and under a gigantic gantry crane that blocks access, beneath a skein of rebar, rubble and twisted steel.  It's been near boiling ever since we dumped sea water on it.  Humans and robots cannot approach it.  Cameras can't photograph it, for some reason.  But it does seem to hold water, rubble, and melted fuel, somewhat.  For now.  

    To reduce the radiation exposure of engineers working at the plant and improve the efficiency of restoration work, Tokyo Electric Power Co. also revealed a plan to introduce new types of remote-controlled robots, including a Japanese-made one, to gauge radiation levels at the site.

    (Lord, where to even start here.)  Translation: "In order to maim and kill less low paid subcontractors, and save money, the evildoers who are responsible for the disaster and yet somehow still allowed to run things are saying they have a PLAN to search for bits of fuel that are lying around the plant like little glowing, deadly bouncing bettie land mines using untried remote devices that are, yes, made in Japan.  Currently and for the foreseeable future, we will use bio-bots, aka subcontractors with hand held meters.  We kinda know where the stuff we bulldozed over is, but this stuff could be anywhere, up to two miles away."  

    There is a third paragraph, but it is drivel and I'm going to be sick now since it quotes a spokesperson for the Prime Minister who should NOT be holding a joint presser with the evildoers.  

      •  Incoherently angered, ashamed to be a human (4+ / 0-)
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        Wee Mama, oldhippie, mamamedusa, Blissing

        Apologies for not sticking to the pirate code aka guidelines folks.  That last news story was worse than a speech from Ronald Reagan or MAC-V regarding how our boys are winning hearts and minds in the hamlet of pinkville.  I have to vent my own explosive gasses sometimes.  

        My head feels line #3 explosion and my heart feels line #4- sunken in despair and toxic basement water to the point of overflowing, and covered with impenetrable obstacles of ruined steel  

        What sort of banality of evil exists in a news org that allows such drivel to get past an editor?  

        Then Of course we find out just a few hours later that the supposed good news is really bad...  Pressure dropping along w temps...  See below

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