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  •  Folks, this is not a political story... (none)
    This is not a story coming from the left or the right.  It's one man's story of his experience, the way that he experienced it.

    Believe it, don't believe it. Who cares?  Whether or not I believe it is of no relevance to whether or not anyone else does, for cryin out loud.

    This is a problem in America.  The idea that we all have to have the same experience of an event.  The idea that we all have to agree somehow on an absolute truth.  

    foks, the true value of our lives is that we all percieve and experience thing differently.  It's our differences which inform our creativity an ultimately our humanity.

    So frankly, whatever you believe about this story, it is, in the end, nobody's business but your own.

    The only thing I can think of to do here, is to thank Adam for sharing it with us, so that we may have a choice in how we would like to experience it.

    Thank you, Adam.

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