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  •  See Nacht und Nebel too.. (none)
    It means "Night and Fog" and is a film about a Nazi program for terrorizing the local populace. They would arrest people, and no information would be given, no letters, no nothing about what had happened to them. They just disappeared. It turned out that most of them were shot shortly after being arrested, and the rest were sent to concentration camps or "labor details". Not many of those survived the war, but a few did. The thing about the Night and Fog directive is that it sounds eerily like the current administrations way of dealing with "terrorist suspects" in this country. Fortunately, we are not yet so intimidated that we don't notice and make a fuss when one of our neighbors disappears into the gaping maw of "Homeland Security". Thank God the courts are FINALLY taking notice of this agregious violation of the Constitution. And just as an aside..does anyone besides me wonder if Bush actually read the Constitution before swearing to uphold it??

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