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View Diary: 255 Were Held at Gitmo Based on Dubious Coerced "Confessions" of 8 (55 comments)

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  •  That's a bit of Greenwaldian revisionism there (2+ / 0-)

    At least be honest, and honest about who blocked closure of Guantanamo: Cowardly New York Democrats, most notably Chuck Schumer, who blocked the transfer of prisoners.

    So what do you do now with this mess?

    Close it by executive order? You cannot release these poor people to freedom. You can not transfer them to the US. They can't go back to their home country.

    And torture has been stopped, at Guantanamo, and abroad.

    So be constructive, and help think of a solution for Guantanamo. It's bad enough without having to make stuff up.

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