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    I'm also a record producer and record label owner.  

    I can no longer invest money in producing debut recordings for new jazz artists, which is what I used to do, because there is no longer a market large enough to recoup the expenses of production -- not enough even to break even.

    Instead, I license recordings that musicians have made themselves, and press, distribute, and promote these existing recordings under a licensing arrangement.

    Artists who produce their own recordings have access to money.  Regardless of how cheap digital technology is, a professional quality recording costs a good deal of money to make.  You have to pay the musicians to perform, studio time in New York City, mixing, mastering.  If you go with digital-only releases, you are still walking away from money from CD sales that you can't afford to walk away from.

    The most deserving artists that I know of do not necessarily have money, and most often do not.  They constitute the new artist ghetto in the digital world.  They have the major talent, but cannot break in without thousands of dollars.  In the past, I would have invested the money on their behalf.  Now, they just languish in obscurity.  

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      in this at all?  I am disappointed at most of the music I am fed.  I would like to hear more and different.  I am hoping that the new technologies will allow for a more wide open music scene.

      And she's good at appearing sane, I just want you to know. Winwood/Capaldi

      by tobendaro on Wed Apr 27, 2011 at 04:04:39 PM PDT

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        But the new technologies go hand in hand with the new economics.  Even the lowest paid musician on a jazz record used to get a month's rent out of it, sometimes more.  Until people understand that they have to pay for what they get, they will have to live the dystopian nightmare.

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