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View Diary: Pastor Terry Jones: In Defense of a Monster (69 comments)

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  •  imo, ridiculous analogy (5+ / 0-)

    so we DON'T ban bible, torah, and flag burning because opponents of that speech are (generally) peaceful, but we ban Quran burning because the opponents of that speech are violent?

    Do you realize the perverse incentivization this creates?

    •  all of the above. (0+ / 0-)

      Ban all of it for all I care.

      Hatred is a dangerous psychotic condition that renders someone a danger to others.  

      Inducing it by whatever means is as irresponsible as pouring alcohol into someone who's about to drive, and should be culpable.  

      And while we're at it I have a few things to say about freedom of religion, starting with tax the fucking churches.  

      Enough was enough a long damn time ago, and it still is.  

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