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View Diary: Supreme Court rules against consumers. Again. (130 comments)

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  •  I love my iPhone, but (6+ / 0-)

    this is making me think I don't need a phone at all.

    It's amazing how fast we have descended into a plutarchy. We lasted as a reasonable approximation of a democratic republic for almost 200 years, and yet in about 35 years we have degenerated into a state governed by a small group of very, and increasingly rich, people.

    We are really screwed.

    •  ouch (0+ / 0-)

      I don't think it's all that coincidental that it was only about 35 years ago that the state was anything but a small group of relatively very and increasingly rich [white protestant male] people.

      What I'm saying is I think it is a matter of perspective. At the same time Reagunism caused the radical growth in the income gap, the Civil Rights era and technology enabled a radical change in the public perception of social status markers. With few exceptions, (and the huge but mostly white middle class generated by the union movement is not really one of them) the vast majority of the people lived in poverty all the time. Our current situation is certainly bad, but any 'golden age of egalitarianism' in our history has been substantially composed of myth, from the very start.

      We are still only approaching a "reasonable approximation" of the broad active democracy we've always imagined ourselves to be. And now it seems we are literally so close, in such a real way, that it gets harder and harder to maintain your perspective on how far we have to go versus how far we have already come. But that's why change you can believe in requires the audacity of hope.

      After Concepcion, it is only a matter of time before nearly every credit card provider, cell phone company, mail-order business or even every potential employer requires anyone who wants to do business with them to first give up their right to file a class action.
      Concepcion, meet Elizabeth Warren. Elizabeth Warren, meet Concepcion. You two have a lot to discuss.

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