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View Diary: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy... (246 comments)

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  •  CNN is terrible Faux wanna-be (4.00)
    I can't even watch CNN anymore. For instance, yesterday I watched two minutes of Lou Dobbs. It showed the democrats answer to Bush's fake town hall meetings on Social Security. The first 30 seconds of the spot focused on the GOP protestors outside the hall. Virtually the rest of the spot railed on the democrats because they didn't let anyone speak besides the chosen people on the stage. So instead of giving this an honest apraisal, CNN chose to beat the democrats up for having a "fake" meeting. Never mind that Bush is doing this fake stuff on a daily basis, with disgusting consequences, CNN decided when the democrats do anything similar, they deserve to be critisized.

    I think the CNN big-wigs are buying their reporters. CNN is now a propaganda network, just like faux. They are keeping their people in line by paying them big wages and threatening their jobs if they don't repeat the propaganda line. This is effecting everyone on CNN, from Lou Dobbs, to Wolfe Blitzer.

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