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  •  What do want her to do? (none)
    So what should she have done, disemboweled herself in front of the K-Mart corporate headquarters? That likely wouldn't have satisfied you, either. You would have called it a bit for attention, a publicity stunt!

    Come on, already. Give over beating this dead horse.

    •  disemboweled herself in front of the K-Mart? (none)
      I was just pointing out the alternate reality of the Martha Stewart case, and contrasted it with the corporate media interpretation/message of Stewart, which your comment so accurately summarized.
      •  Point and gather a crowd (none)
        I am not necessarily disagreeing with any of you.

        My point is such a simple one. Remember how, when we were kids, a couple of kids would start to poing and look at nothing at all, simply to see if they could gather a crowd? (Okay. There wasn't much for kids to do when I was a kid!) Well, that's what happens with a story like this. First the media pointed, and we all looked. Now, we are pointing, too, and focusing more attention on this little story than it deserves.

        If we will all stop pointing at the Martha story and start pointing at Social Security, Iraq, the diary about Wal Mart not giving health insurance, etc., we can draw attention to those things.

        I can't believe I'm still talking about it. It's the way these things work. I started saying let's not do it, and now I'm doing it. It's insidious. I need help. I can't seem to stop myself.

        •  poing? (none)
          I meant we pointed. We didn't poing. I don't think we poinged. Maybe we did. Thsoe of us who had a pogo stick. Anyway. I think I'll not post any more. Go back to just reading. This blog is too fast for me.

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