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View Diary: I Read the News Today, Oh Boy... (246 comments)

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    1. Jailhouse Chili Cook-Off : A Handbook

    2. My Life Behind Bar Cookies

    3. Jailhouse & Garden: Gardening with Windowsill Weeds

    4. My Cell, Your Cell: Decorating with Toilet Paper Origami

    5. Bunk Bed Buddies: My New Prison Friends

    6. Martha: Girl of the (Wall) Streets

    7. Prison Life: Doors without knobs (on my side), Cell Phones and Cat Fights

    8. Yo Bitch Cookbook: New Recipes for Low Budget Cooks

    9. Creative Prison Baking: Things to do with an oven, besides putting your head in it.

    10. My Life in a Women's Prison: At Least It's Safe To Pick Up The Soap!

    Postscript: Martha's stock went up a cool half billion dollar$ while she was in pri$on!

    Hint to 401k stockholders: Would your stock soar too, if your CEO was in prison? Think about it....hmmmmm?

    More Content, Less Chat.

    by BALTHAZAR on Sun Mar 06, 2005 at 08:01:27 PM PST

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