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View Diary: Nicole Sandler ARRESTED at FL Townhall Last Night! WITH UPDATES (29 comments)

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    He was doing the SOP GOP line about how they Ryan plan was saving MediCare for future generations, and would improve it by making it more "efficient." Complete, 100% BS. Yet the crowd was eating it up and would no doubt go back and pass it around to their like-minded teabagger friends and low-information senior neighbors. (Yes I know, how rude, calling them "teabaggers.")

    Look, if we don't take on these lies in front of people who get all of their info from hate radio and FoxNews, when will they ever hear an opposing POV? Seriously, when?

    As to whether it changes minds or not, look at the Summer of Hate Town Hall meetings and chart that to the approval rating of health care reform and you tell me if the teabaggers had been polite whether it would've turned out as it did.


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