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View Diary: Sarah Palin on the release of Obama's long form birth certificate (133 comments)

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    nellgwen, The Nose

    I love how conservatives keep blaming others for not staying on topic and yet they are CONSTANTLY changing the subject of what they think WE should be focused on.  Michael Steele did the same thing on Real Time recently.  He would toss out a ton of unsubstantiated comments and misinformation and when he was called out on it would always say, "Look.  Here is the real issue that people care about.  We need to stay on topic here and have a serious discussion about..." then he would spew out more BS and misinformation.

    Trying to talk with conservatives is the verbal equavalent of herding cats.   Since the election they have been harping about the Birth Certificate claiming it is a "very serious question".  When Obama shows the certificate, suddenly they can't figure out why anyone is so concerned about a silly birth certificate when they SHOULD be focused on some other fabricated, right-wing BS of the day.

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