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  •  writing as meditation? (5+ / 0-)

    Last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I have been writing poems since high school, 30 years now, and I occasionally get one published. In the stress of dealing with his diagnosis K began to meditate. My brain is very noisy and I haven't been able to really sit still for meditation (it's also physically uncomfortable for me to sit still for long), but I realized I too needed a practice, something I could do each day that was not cancer, so I assigned myself a project.

    "Thousand" is a semi novel written in 100-word daily increments with 1000 increments being the goal. I write each day and post the result to my LoveSettlement blog. Currently Jesus is talking philosophically about eternal life. Who knew I'd ever claim to speak for that guy!

    "Thousand" meanders around and doesn't have a plot, though themes and characters recur. Besides Jesus there's a zombie leprechaun, a visit to The End of the World, and gnomes. What can I say? Coming up on a year of this thing.

    Meanwhile K's treatments are over, he's healing (not an easy road), and his doctors think he is cancer free.

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