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View Diary: ERA = equality, so WTF??? [rant] (58 comments)

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  •  Umm (4.00)
    Aren't you making the argument you need to get involved? If women are not equal then it is an equality problem for all.

    I mean she's not pulling an Elizabeth Cady Stanton here - telling your proverbial Frederick Douglass to sit down and keep his "negro" issues to himself.

    We are one Lucian.

    If I am deemed to be somehow "less than..." because I am a woman, then respect for your standing in this society is no more secure. We share a society, each of us shaping and molding future generations that will carry our hopes, our dreams and, unfortunately, our frustrations and biases too. Pretending that women and men are not having a profound effect on each others' social condition is nonsensical and insidious - which is what I thought you were driving at with your comments.

    So, as near as I can tell, you've made your own case to fight for the equality of women as though your own status depended on it. It does.

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