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View Diary: ERA = equality, so WTF??? [rant] (58 comments)

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  •  Lucian, I disagree. (4.00)
    Let me remind you Lucian that black men received the vote before women, black, white or any other color. Black and white male athletes have always garnered more money and respect than women athletes, black, white or any other color. Filthy slang words and violence aimed at women in movies, television and music are de rigeur and no one bats an eye. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equal rights for black men but weren't too concerned about women's rights. If women aren't eager to embrace your human rights campaign it could be because men haven't been too concerned with embracing the campaign for women's rights or human rights. In fact, men of many colors and races have foughttooth and nail against equal rights for women.

    Men make sure they're always taken care of, now it's time for women to do the same for themselves. Self-centeredness is an attitude that has served men well. Women should develop that attitude quickly.

    •  Thats not the point (none)
      I'm not here to help the feminist movement or the pro woman movement. I am here to support equality for women who actually believe in equality.

      A lot of women here ONLY care about abortion and ONLY vote on abortion and they don't even comment or talk about living wages or poverty, or any of these other issues which may be just as important.

      If women support the right to own their own body, those same women should be fighting to end the drug war, those same women should be fighting for living wages, and until I see the abortion crowd on dailykos actually getting involved in issues other than abortion, I feel it's best that I let the women focus on the womens issues while I focus on the more universal issues.

      The single most critical issue of the Democratic party Support Living Wages

      by Lucian on Sat Mar 05, 2005 at 04:30:53 AM PST

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