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View Diary: ERA = equality, so WTF??? [rant] (58 comments)

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  •  I would argue (4.00)
    that this is the ideal time to raise the issue of equality in this society. The Democratic Party is the party of protecting people in America, from labor workers to minorities, to gays, to the poverty stricken, and beyond.

    There's a tremendous potential for a unifying theme in our instinct to champion the individual - socially and politically.

    This situation we're in as a party reminds of that quote from the siege of Bastogne, "They've got us surrounded. the poor bastards."  Fighting for something as potentially divisive and unquestionably noble, in the finest tradition of healthy democracy, is the last thing our political opponents expect us to find the guts to do. That usually means you'll catch your opponent flat-footed.

    Even if we don't catch them off guard, and they beat the hell out of us, we'll go down fighting a necessary and honorable fight for this country and humanity.

    I'd say that's worth the risk. Wouldn't you?

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