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View Diary: Profits soar as oil companies victimized again by high gas prices (111 comments)

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    if typical margins at a gas station is 3%, how are local stations a major factor in the price of gas? sure, they could lose money, but I'm guessing you're not asking for them to do that.  Are stations gouging us? or is someone who just announced a 5 straight quarter of increasing profits.

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      They don't say stations are a major factor. I cannot understand how people read that and takeaway that Exxon is blaming station owners. Quite the contrary, they are responding to critics that say stations are a major factor and people that say stations are price gouging. Some people think Exxon is controlling the price at the pump and what Exxon is saying is that we don't control most the pumps. Apparently all it takes is one front pager to misread a quote and thousands will accept the misread without reading themselves.

      To us they seem like a big company but in the league of Oil and Gas companies they are a bit player. They don't have the power to influence the international oil markets.

      Isn't scarcity a good enough reason to explain the price of oil? If we waste time looking for a boogeyman on this issue it will only delay our transition to non-fossil fuels. The message needs to be yes, oil is expensive, dirty and running out, and that it will only get worse from here.

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