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View Diary: Ryan's Townhall, Waterford, WI-Back from the Trenches (209 comments)

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  •  Waterford is a farm town (1+ / 0-)
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    Ask Ryan if he thinks Farming is hard work expect him to say yes.
       Then ask him if farming is harder than working a minimum wage fast food job.again expect him to say yes Waterford is farm country.
      Next ask him why farm workers don't get overtime? Especially when Farmers get government checks? Should the government give checks to industries that don't pay even Whites a living wage much less overtime? If he says only kids work on farms say Bullshit!
        Then ask the room how many farmers hire illegals in Waterford? In my limited experience there are not a lot of Farm Workers in Waterford of my background ( yes I'm Mexican but legal.)
       I'm guessing they will honestly say none of them do..

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