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    is clearly going to be the excellent suburban public school systems where parents have stretched their family budgets to the breaking point to move so their kids can go to these highly successful schools. They tend to be Republican, and here in Ohio, they are in full, angry rebellion. They are furious with the governor they voted for since he has proposed gutting their state funding. These people do NOT want to send their kids to the junk charter schools that are mostly failing, that deliver cheap education and open and close erratically, leaving kids stranded. These families often sacrificed big-time so they didn't have to pay whopping private school tuition — and they won't be eligible for the huge expansion of vouchers because their school systems will never be among the worst, even if all educational levels keep sinking, just because of the pool of who is there. (I went to a terrible Chicago public elementary school, but I have two college degrees — and the same school also produced Michelle Obama. It's all about the parents and their priorities).

    Ultimately, there isn't enough money to privatize education for everyone — they can pour money into crap charters to warehouse poor kids and the richest can go to private schools. But the average middle-class person didn't sign on for this. The vast majority of parents are happy with the vast majority of school systems, and they are really pissed off her in Ohio right now that their school systems are under assault.

    Look for Governor Kasich's approval to go much, much lower.

    Jennifer Brunner for Governor of Ohio 2014

    by anastasia p on Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 08:00:24 AM PDT

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