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  •  With 650 lawyers and & dad's law firm behind him (0+ / 0-)

    and a heavy lobbying presence in DC, Microsoft has immensely benefited from getting patent law (a vast expansion of intellectual property rights) to apply to software (instead of just hardware) by applying the legal expertise in acquiring technology, shutting down competitors through patent litigation and pre-empting through OEM product pre-installation, as well as making legal deals and 'settlements' resulting in potentially competitive technology being taken off the marketplace.  Even when they are found guilty in US courts of monopolistic practices, demolishing competitors unfairly, they got fined a bit, monitored through this year, but they were not broken up into smaller competitive firms.  Amusingly, they (and AT&T & Comcast, etc.) really want Google prosecuted for developing into a search engine monopoly and offering Android software for phones,  having the audacity to make billions from internet ads and have gained greater stock value than they have.

    By the way, with Microsoft ending Windows XP support very soon (XP is probably running more than 50% of today's PCs in operation in homes and workplaces), don't be surprised when Microsoft also announces the end of Vista support, around the time they announce the release of Windows 8, probably this year. Of course, Microsoft announcing and actually delivering a working stable version of software has historically been a bit problematic.   Some serious defects in the software security model of Windows, Internet Explorer and Office have lingered since initial designs, since Windows wasn't initially designed with wide open networks in mind.  The only way to fix them is to totally replace that software.  That will mean trying to force the junking of 100's of millions of (what will be) obsolete PCs.  I suspect millions of people may be more interested in giving up their old unsecurable PC for an advanced smart phone.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 09:36:33 AM PDT

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