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View Diary: Two Million More Reasons the Birther Myth Won't Go Away (8 comments)

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  •  pdf and fraud (0+ / 0-)

    The White House made a serious mistake in releasing the BC as a PDF document.  It turns out that PDF color images with OCR (optical character recognition) have "layers".  These can be peeled back, and several dozen ytubes on Free Republic and other wingnut sites show this.  Ex.

    It is therefore possible to "show" that the BC is fraudulent, has been changed, and so on.  This gets into a lot of very complicated stuff about how how scanners work, what pdf files are, digitalization algorithms, layers and OCR, color fringes, etc.

    The BC should have been posted as a simple bit map (BMP) file. Bit-map files admit of no manipulation, what you see is what you get (they tend to be large files, several MB, and this would discourage downloading, a good thing in this case).  Every pixel is defined.  Alternatively, it could have been posted as a JPG file, a photograph.

    Surely there are IT savvy people in the WH who should have foreseen the issues from a PDF file!  It is disappointing that WH staffers did not think about this line of attack.

    •  This only affirms (0+ / 0-)

      The conspiracy is that Barack Obama is black... Shhhhh.... No one has guessed yet.

      Stop totalitarianism in the United States before it's too late. Speak truth to power! - Join me at

      by Brian Ross on Thu Apr 28, 2011 at 10:16:54 PM PDT

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