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View Diary: White House Bans Reporter For Filming Bradley Manning Protest (264 comments)

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    These same True Believers recoiled at these Bush-Cheney tactics before the Great One was elected, but, now, they are either silent or extremely, loudly defensive, when they see the Great One employing the same, or worse, tactics.

    Bush and Cheney actually tortured people, at times to death.

    EVERY SINGLE ONE of Manning's "treatments" can be summed up with the following.

    - He was being held in Maximum Custody (he's not the only one)

    - He was on Prevention Of Injury watch (he's not the only one)

    - His underwear was taken at night for a couple days after he threatened to hang himself with them.

    Yes, that's REALLY comparible to Abu Graib. Man I can't wait for Obama to win reelection so all the people campaigning for his opponent will find something else to do.

    "The Green Bay Packers failed to score 8 times in the Super Bowl." -- Purity

    by USArmyParatrooper on Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 04:57:07 PM PDT

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