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View Diary: Obama, Alabama officials pledge aid for storm survivors (58 comments)

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  •  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our feckless (1+ / 0-)
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    Gov. Rick Perry (TX-Burning) is traveling around doing a WATB about how President Obama's FEMA isn't responding in a timely manner to the brushfires that have consumed 2400 square miles of Texas so far in the last few months.
    Gov. Blowdry (TX-Secessionist) says that he and the appropriate authorities have sent all the necessary paperwork in weeks ago to get attached to the federal teat. And why are Alabama and other states already getting taken care of? Waaaaa.waaa

    I don't know, I'm not inclined to believe his coifftyness Ricky, and I can't believe that Pres. Obama would pull a BushRove and play games with serious matters like this, but who knows?

    (meanwhile, I am sweating it, given the topography, vegetation and everyday 20-30kt winds/very low humidities where I live, it is a real danger, all it would take is one goddamned smoker to dump a burning butt out of a vehicle and whuffa...(just one of the reasons I hate them))

    "Double, double, toile and trouble; Fire burne, and Cauldron bubble... By the pricking of my Thumbes, Something wicked this way comes": Republicans Willkommen auf das Vierte Reich! Sie Angelegenheit nicht mehr.

    by Bluefin on Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 01:05:21 PM PDT

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