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  •  Yes, extremely. (2+ / 0-)
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    Historicus, kyril

    She was a police officer doing her job, and your first thought was about her appearance, and thinking you can take advantage of her because of it.

    I would also call that person extremely sexist, because apprently he doesn't believe his secretary has the talent and ability to get her own job.

                         To be clear,

    Torture is ALWAYS wrong, no matter who is doing it to whom.

    by Chacounne on Sat Apr 30, 2011 at 10:39:37 PM PDT

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    •  that's what I would expect from a crowd (0+ / 0-)

      that thinks a bike is the same as a car.

      •  What does the law say? (3+ / 0-)
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        delver rootnose, kyril, skohayes

        Unless your state law varies greatly from most, a bicycle is a vehicle with most of the same requirements in traffic as other vehicles (with a few variations because of their size). In both Michigan and Oregon (where we have separate bike lanes), this is true.  You even admit that the officer was in the right.  If you disagree with those traffic laws, work to change them, but do not pretend that they don't apply to you.

        And yes, you were being sexist, or at least have written this account in an overtly sexist manner.  Would you have said to a gruff, older male officer "hey, let's talk about this?"  The way you put the sentence suggests your actions were sexist, whether or not you were conscious of it.  The existence of other, more egregiously sexist acts out there (though maybe the secretary is, in fact, a good secretary?) does not nullify one's own sexism.  A female officer of smaller stature must deal with an inordinate amount of that, and honestly, her patience sounds admirable.

        •  several points (0+ / 0-)

          First, I making the statement that the law should be changed to reflect reality.  So posting the current laws really isn't helpful (like I don't know them!)

          Second, the sexism discussion was related to the word "extreme".

          Third, I used the failure to discern different levels of sexism discussed as a problem in fact very similar to the one at hand, ie that bikes and cars are the same.

          Now, I'm thinking that this may be due to some mass psychosis, due to so many people that die from cars each year, they have this deep seated desire to point elsewhere so as not to look.  Interesting.

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