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View Diary: But Why Do We Bash Teachers? (180 comments)

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  •  Villification of teachers is overrated. (2+ / 0-)
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    AaronBa, Balto

    Most Americans love their schools and their schools teachers. Bongojazz's survey agrees with dozens of others.

    We like our schools because a huge majority of them are doing a good job. We are dissatisfied only with a small percentage of schools in the inner-city and poor rural areas.

    Accusing reformers of "Bashing teachers!" is an intellectually dishonest attempt to shut down debate.

    Advocating a rural Charter School or an inner-city Voucher program is not bashing the entire profession of teaching. It is calling for specific funding and policy changes in specific districts and neighborhoods.

    Many Kossacks want to cut the Defense budget. Is it fair to scream that they, "Don't support the Troops", or that they want America to be weak? Of course not.

    Teachers have real enemies on the Right-wing. Don't confuse them with left-wingers who just want better schools for kids in Harlem and Alabama.

    •  Maybe, But It Is Happening (2+ / 0-)
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      middleagedhousewife, TiaRachel

      It is even happening in these comments.

      There's no attempt in what I write to shut down debate, but to honestly face where the debate should lie.

      My belief, and much here backs it up, is that most of our schools are actually quite good, and that the issue of teachers is being used for other purposes.  Yes, I'd like to see schools improved (who wouldn't?), but I don't think that will really happen until we (even we leftists) stop letting anyone posit teachers as the problem.

    •  But those ideas are based in bashing. (1+ / 0-)
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      I would claim that the idea of vouchers is based on the belief of corrupt system with teachers unions sitting in the center of that corruption.  The second part of that defense is that free market competition produces better educational outcomes because the teachers are fundamentally under the yoke of capitalist bosses.

      I would consider vouchers if a system proved itself outside rationale of bad teachers, bad unions, and I suppose bad administration, I would consider it.

      •  Just because... (2+ / 0-)
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        AaronBa, Mostel26

        ...the system is broken doesn't mean that there is a huge problem with teachers.

        Vouchers can be used at schools that are unionized. Here in NYC, the unions actually run some charter schools.

        Reform is not incompatible with unionization...unless the unions choose to make it so.

        Even if people have problems with the unions, that is very different from having problems with teaching as a profession.

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