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View Diary: But Why Do We Bash Teachers? (180 comments)

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  •  Teachers the foot soldiers of the Enlightenment (5+ / 0-)

    First, great diary.  I think you rightly point out that the attack on teachers is also an ideological battle, and not simply about cynical political advantage.

    What we see in America is a fight to continue the revolutionary ideas of the Enlightenment and an  American version of religious feudalism, which has as its roots the European feudalism that the Enlightenment ursurped.  And in this battle, public school teachers both in K-12 and the universities are the foot soldiers of the Enlightenment.  

    Want to transform a society, improve the condition of the poor, break the back of authoritive structures, then bring in the teachers to create a literate population, teach science, rationality, and  independent thought.  

    The American feudalists (and not just them but their spiritual kin in the Taliban and other groups), want education to serve the purpose of an class, race, gender, and religiously ordered society.  A limited education in content and student body is the foundation of this type of society.  Public education and even education itselfe are the enemies.

    You mention evolution.  The attack on evolution shows this battle.  In wanting a religiously ordered world, science itself must be attacked and undermined for the sake of the feudal order.

    To all teachers--thank you.

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