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    AaronBa, El Tomaso

    One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't complain enough about the bad teachers my son encountered. In hindsight I should have been a total asshole about it each and every time, because the sad reality is that squeaky wheels are the ones that get the grease. And if this resulted in them taking it out on my kid, well, that's what lawsuits are for.

    And we're not talking about minor problems here. In one case we had a teacher who, in a fit of spite, revealed confidental medical information about a student to the entire class. That teacher should have been fired.

    At a different school an appallingly bad history teacher with a penchant for throwing fits in the classroom received additional training and counseling and was allowed to continue to teach... right up to the point where he threatened to kill a student in front of multiple witnesses. That's what it took to get him fired (and escorted off campus by the police).

    These are admittedly the most extreme problems we encountered, but there were several others that were almost as serious.

    Anyone who thinks bad teachers aren't a significant problem isn't paying attention.

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