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  •  Teachers like you are (0+ / 0-)

    part of the problem.  Let me guess, you're probably pretty involved in the union.  I'm not a teacher.  I have several relatives who are, and I am an Architect who designs schools.  My clients are school boards.  I'm around board members, superintendents, principals, and teachers everyday.  

    There are a lot of bad and unreasonable teachers - and I don't know any school district where Principals are empowered to hire or fire anyone - only the elected Board can do that.  I'm not going to let you to sit there and make excuses for unqualified, lazy, or opportunistic teachers.  

    But worse, there are a lot of veteran teachers who are close to retirement (and that 60% of the highest three years + full health care for life at age 52) pension, who are mailing it in.  They feel like they've paid their dues, and they resist change or putting in a little extra effort that might make their life a little harder.  I find this to be much more often the root of the problem than that they're politically protected or coach of a sports team.  That is why for all my projects I require that the District assemble a programming team of teachers that is equally balanced in numbers between veteran and young teachers.

    And for the record, one of the reasons "we" as a society bash teachers is because they are paid pretty well by the hour (when you consider they work a 7 hour day in a 9 month year), and they have no basic accountability for student performance.  And, as for your contract due process for termination, just try it.  In most Districts the teacher would sue, and the teachers' union would organize for the next election, turnover the Board, and the new Board would fire the Principal and settle with/reinstate the teacher.  That's why it never happens.

    •  Very Few... (0+ / 0-)

      ...teachers are like you describe.

      And even fewer work only seven hours a day, nine months a year.  Most take work home during the school year and work on grading and prep over weekends, too.  And they use the summer in ways that enhance what they do during the following school year.

      Yes, bad teachers shouldn't be in the classroom, but bad cops should not be on the beat.  Do you vilify all police because of those few, as you do teachers?

    •  An architect? (0+ / 0-)

      I've been at a school that was being rebuilt, and all we ever discussed with the architects was where the lunch room would be and how much storage space the classrooms would have.

      Talking with school districts in order to design buildings does not give you the insight and experience necessary to make such sweeping generalizations.

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