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  •  And Unions always rally around those under attack (0+ / 0-)

    even if they are weak.  And, they attack any threat to the "community', or the established way of life.  

    When I was in college I worked a summer in a steel warehouse.  I worked the night shift (10:00 PM to 7 AM) filling orders for shipment.  We used hand cranes and the overhead crane to group orders of angles, channels, and beams together and tag them so that the daylight shift could load them on the trucks.  When we filled one, we signed it, turned in the Rec form, and picked another off the stack.  I could do 7-10 a night.  It was actually kind of a fun challenge to find everything and move it around the shop.  

    After about two weeks, one of the older, permament, guys came to see me.  He ripped me a new *sshole for getting too much done.  Seems I was making everybody else look bad because I was filling too many orders each night.  He said I was a temporary college student and I would be going back to school in September, and the rest of them would get stuck working harder permanently, or might get replaced.  I was scared to death, and I backed off to 5-7 orders a night - hey, it was physically easier, anyway.  That's when I first  realized that the unions, for all the good they do, protect the lowest common denominator.  

    •  It's their job to protect workers (0+ / 0-)

      We pay them about $1,000 per year. Of course they should speak up to make sure that administrators follow the rules when they terminate an employee. Wouldn't you have expected some support if your boss were unfairly targeting you for personal reasons in that same position?

      I work more than 20 hours a week for free beyond our contract. My union president knows this. She has never told me to work less. She thinks it's great that I do a lot for the kids and am successful in my work.

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