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    It's interesting how so many people I've come across had the opportunity to visit in the USSR under rather open-ended circumstances to see what life was like there.

    Although I now see you were there in '04-'05. Still, people are just folks everywhere, IMO.

    •  Yes, just folks. (0+ / 0-)

      Coming from the U.S. equivalent of the places I worked in there (National Laboratories, that is), I was struck at the similarities in world view between us and our Russian counterparts. I was privileged to be among the first in our program to be let into the UEIP museum in Novouralsk. There is a fine display of artifacts and historical information about the early days of that closed city and its enrichment plant. If you went to a similar museum at Oak Ridge (if there is one, I don't actually know for sure) it would look pretty similar, down to the everyday furnishings, kids's toys, etc of the workers. The cold war was quite the mirror image system, it seems.

      Here's another link to the place, from wikipedia.

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      by billmosby on Mon May 02, 2011 at 08:02:54 AM PDT

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