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View Diary: Americans react to the death of Osama bin Laden (232 comments)

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  •  Okay..., Another of Dumbya's messes cleaned up.... (5+ / 0-)

    ... at our expense, of course.

    I don't care how gruesome it sounds, I want to see a photo of his dead face.  I do not want to hear in a few weeks "Oops!  That was a top general in OBL's army, not OBL himself."

    ABC overnight "news" has reported that US authorities got DNA from the brain cells of OBL's [dead] sister when she was in NY for cancer treatment.  They say the DNA of the person in Afghanistan is a match [presumably a sibling match?].  How do we know it was OBL himself and not another male sibling who has a strong physical resemblance to OBL?

    I have NO idea how quickly they could have determined a DNA match, but it sounds like too short a time.  I want to know how they got a DNA match so fast.  I thought these things took longer for a positive match, or certainly longer than a long TV show to match DNA.

    He was killed in Pakistan - in a mansion, not a cave in the wilds of the country.  Hmmmm....  How does this work?  We don't have a declared or undeclared war with Pakistan.


    What is the earliest date we can expect the first of ALL of our troops in Afghanistan to be put on troop transport planes to come home to their families and friends....?

    The original deal under Dumbya and Dickie was that we'd be in Afghanistan a few weeks, long enough to "capture or kill" OBL, and then our people could return home.


    We also still need to get Gitmo closed and the illegally-held prisoners sent back to their home countries.  That was another fine [unconstitutional and illegal] mess Dumbya and Dickie got us into....

    My youngest nephew spent two tours of duty in Afghanistan.  For the first one, the second child was so young when his daddy was gone for 14 months [four mos training, one year in Afghanistan] that he forgot his father, and the eldest one was well on his way to forgetting by the time he got back home, having only gotten out of toddler-hood when their father left.  For child #3, my nephew got his orders to report for duty ten days after the scheduled C-Section, and he returned just after her first birthday.

    My brother told me recently that Nephew was contacted by a recruiter when he was in Afghanistan this last time and offered a signing bonus to re-enlist in the guard unit he belongs to.... Nephew looked at the recruiter and replied: "There aren't enough zeros in that amount."

    Ha!  Good answer, Nephew!  :-)  He and the rest of the unit are "everyday heroes," and that's enough for me because I admire 'everyday heroes' to an extraordinary degree.  They have been at the site of major flooding of the Red River of the North a couple of times in past years, filling and stacking sandbags, helping residents get to safety, and the like, whatever is necessary to keep people safe during flood season.

    Nephew and his wife recently found out they're going to be parents for the fourth time later this year.  If his current enlistment is up by then, perhaps Nephew will be able to enjoy the babyhood of this next child without missing a year of his child's life, and a second or third year in the lives of his other children.

    < tapping toes impatiently >

    Now..., when can the rest of the guard units in Afghanistan and Iraq come home...?  ALL of them.  No leaving people behind for "training" purposes.  The residents of those countries had equipped, trained, & standing armies and police forces all trained before the US invaded; they can certainly be treated like adults and left to train their own people in the future MINUS the financial and 'training' "help" of the US military!  That imperialistic and condescending attitude that treats adults in other countries like children who need to be potty trained or 'civilized' to meet their version of 'US civilized standards' grates on my last shredded nerve.

    If the oil corporations and other US corporations need help with their oil well drilling claims and protecting their equipment and pipelines, they can damned well hire other US mercenary corporations for those services out of the record-setting profits they've been getting in the last ten years.  As far as I know, they're still receiving enough tax breaks to pay little or nothing to the US Treasury to cover the costs of the illegal and unconstitutional wars that have benefited them so enormously.  We still have to pay for their bleeping illegal and unconstitutional war!

    True.  I have no patience left.  It didn't take this long to defeat a real threat during WWII on two fronts, fer pete's sake, and those threats were genuine, not trumped up fear-mongering based on lies.  The last "justified war" with which the US was involved was WWII.  All wars that followed have been unconstitutional and illegal..., and this last one was a doozy, worse than the others, even.

    I still want ALL of our troops home on US soil VERY soon!!!

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Mon May 02, 2011 at 01:22:44 AM PDT

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