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  •  Priorities (0+ / 0-)

    You seem somewhat narked that the workers at the site aren't already being supplied with decent food and accomodation on the Fukushima site by TEPCO. I would remind you that it is a disaster area and the priority has been to supply the site with equipment and materials required to cool down the reactors and spent fuel pools and stop radiation leaking into the surrounding area and the sea as much as possible. The comfort of the workers comes some way down the priority list from those essential objectives.

     Now that the radiation levels are falling and some limited control of the reactors and spent fuel pools has been achieved it looks like the operations planners can start putting in more permanent facilities for the workers there; after all there are going to be thousands of them for the next few years even after the reactors are brought to cold shutdown to do the other things necessary to alleviate the mess that the plant and surrounding areas are in.

    •  Neither TEPCO nor the government (5+ / 0-)

      has demonstrated the capability and/or willingness to provide even minimal safety equipment, hygienic living quarters and food to the workers who are directly dealing with the crisis. This is a known recipe for workers making tragic errors in judgment that can not only affect their own safety but the stability of the plant.

      There is zero excuse for not planning for minimally adequate working conditions for those engaged in an emergency response in a nuclear crisis in advance. Absolutely none.

      The government and TEPCO has proven themselves to be fools twice by not having done a minimal amount of planning in advance and by not being able to do the simple task of providing minimally adequate working conditions for emergency response workers in anything approaching a timely manner. The international nuclear brain trust has joined the parade of fools by being unable to advise TEPCO and the Japanese government how to do so.

      Being an apologist for this type of grossly incompetent, foolhardy emergency response does no one any favors.

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