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  •  Massive exPlosions took place! (0+ / 0-)

    I suspect unit 3 is a total disaster.  "Spent" fuel assemblies are actually only spent in the sense that it is cheaper to retire them than it is to still use them to boil water with.  Make no mistake- they are deadly radioactive waste that has to be cooled continuously in a deep deep pool of fresh circulating water connected to a massive cooling system.
    None of that required operation is left functioning.  

    Instead the water boiled off in the sfps and the fuel melted, and in the case of #4, exploded dramatically even though the reactor itself was offline and empty. Whatever happened in #3, debris was blow even higher - was the spent fuel pond there also generating hydrogen ?  Seems a logical assumption to me,but few have speculated much about this possibility since the explosions from 1&2 were supposedly reactor based disasters.  It seems to be a function of time given that #4 blew last (?) right?

    In the end, it barely matters where the fuel came from since it is either from #3 or #4 SFP.  But the how and the why are important to discover.

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